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I heard Sarah say "pussy", eeee! ("Random Rants" by Sarah & Kari)

Because we're just not cool enough!! We have downs. Hmm...trying to pick one!! He's sooo narrow-minded! Fat, Downer, Boring. Outgoing, Crazy, FUN. Spunky, Mischievous, Entertaining. Well, it appears to be red & made of some kind of metal. Todd, because he's a boy! Teased hair and the music was so fun!! Nipple tassles, because they're swishy. JUST BECAUSE!!!!!!!! Men without hats. Claire. Pink & girly. Eureka's Castle, Slirms. Romy & Michele. I'd want to see through clothes and walls. Blister. Cunt. Hairy. *Giggle giggle* Honey Nut cherios, coffee, pizza, ice cream, fudgecicle. With their mommy. Maybe sleeping? The egg up my ass!! My sides. The one where they think about what life would be like if monica was fat, chandler had a job, ross stayed married to carol, rachel stayed married to barry, and phoebe worked at meryl lynch, and joey was still on "days of our lives", funny stuff! PUSSY. *Orgasmic Sounds*
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